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We write about work we like, language we love, and about communications for
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Blog 1

Three questions I’m asked most about
being self-employed - answered
| July 2016

It feels like more and more of us want to work for ourselves. At least half the
comms staffers I end up chatting with at conferences...


Blog 2

Find your own voice: a tone that works
for your whole charity
| February 2016

When I worked with CharityComms on a guide on tone of voice,
it was in response to a call for help from communications teams who...


Blog 3

From ‘one day’ to ‘right now’ – why we should pay attention
to Cancer Research UK’s new ads
| January 2016

The new adverts from Cancer Research UK make for compelling viewing, and create
a sense of urgency and immediacy aimed at gaining...


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