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Tuning in to your audiences

The most successful charities really understand who they’re speaking to, and continually evolve their ways of engaging so they’re providing great audience experiences. In a world of ever-fragmenting channels, and more messages than ever, it’s no longer okay to say that your audience is ‘the general public’. At best you’ll be ignored. At worst your organisation will fail.

Our friends at Eden Stanley have produced a short report, The Right Wavelength, on how charities of all shapes and sizes can put their audiences at the heart of their strategies for engagement. Joe Barrell has compiled a brilliant user-friendly guide, based on his experiences of audience-centred strategy with some of the best known charities in the UK. I’m proud to have contributed to The Right Wavelength, and my own experience is that, whatever your size, you’re never too small – or big – to think audience first.

Download the report from Eden Stanley’s website.